Christophe Clarey

Motion Designer & Graphic Designer

Started in 2001 IKESU became a window on Christophe universe deeply inspired by Japan which they visit regularly.

Born close to Lille in France, Christophe studied at first Sciences and passed my Master’s degree in Physics. But a growing interest in CG-art and Graphic Design made them changed path without any regrets.
Japan was also a subject growing in mind and they decided to go there for the first time in 2001 and since that time, they visit regularly Japan.

Christophe native language is French. but they can use English at a professional working level, and also Japanese at a limited working level (I passed the 日本語能力試験3級 – Nihongo Nôryoku Shiken Level 3 – the old one, now I’m between N2 and N3 levels), plus elementary level in German & Chinese but with a need of a fresh start from scratch (since learned a loooong time ago).

Ikesu is also a part of Miam Miam creative lab team, which is specialized in production & post-production and also acts as a creative lab to offer to the people of the studio the possibility to experiment with their various background.

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