Kunst Metro d’Art – Fine Arts

Brussels, Belgium
/ 2020 Apr

Layout & graphic research for a “multi-touch” interactive wall with 4 large screens.

Ikesu worked with Tiny Big Story on a “multi-touch” interactive wall (composed of 4 large screens) for the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Brussels, Belgium.
This initial idea was to create a nebula composed of the whole database of artworks of the museum. Ikesu worked of the layout & also the research of how the database could be shown. Tiny big Story coded the interaction and interface, and also worked in research & developpement of the nebula.
The concept of graphic interface was a metro map, and create different metro line where visitor can view paintings according to a thema, or according to a celibrity line.
Several users can interact with the wall, and 3 differents contents by screen on 4 differents screens can be displayed at the same time (so 12 differents content).


  • Tiny Big Story


  • Brussels Royal Museum of Fine Arts