Christophe Clarey

Motion Designer & Graphic Designer

Started in 2001 IKESU became a window on my universe deeply inspired by Japan which I visit regularly.

Born close to Lille in France in 1976, I studied at first Sciences and passed my Master’s degree in Physics. But a growing interest in CG-art and Graphic Design made me changed path without any regrets.
Japan was also a subject growing in my mind and I decided to go there for the first time in 2001. Since that time, I visit regularly Japan (already 16th times).

My native language is French. I can use English at a professional working level, and also Japanese at a limited working level (I passed the 日本語能力試験3級 – Nihongo Nôryoku Shiken Level 3 – the old one, now I’m between N2 and N3 levels). I had elementary level in German & Chinese but need to study again if needed (since I learned them a loooong time ago).

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